About Sweet Travel Adventures

Sweet Travel Adventures is a travel blog about Canada and other countries around the world which have unique things to see or do. This blog gives travel ideas and advice for interesting destinations, culinary and drink experiences, sights, activities, festivals, and more, and features thematic tourism.

These articles are suitable for anyone interested in travelling, both first-time travellers and experienced travellers. It also caters to those who want to push themselves a little out of their comfort zones, those that are adventure-seekers but not necessarily thrill-seekers, those who enjoy “comfort” or luxury travel, without the enormous cost, as well as those who love food, especially fine dining and elevated cuisine.
The Mission:

•  To inspire you to travel abroad as well as in your own city and country to “Discover, Taste, and Experience the World Around You!”

Travel not only creates lasting memories and feelings, but can be a huge learning and life changing experience. This travel blog hopes to encourage you to get the most out of your travel experiences by getting to know some of the history, food, people, culture, customs, traditions, and language(s) from the different countries you visit. In other words, fully experience things as much as you can and with as many of your senses as you can, not just “see” things to check them off on your bucket list.

In order to facilitate this my travel blog will not contain any pictures of myself as I want the blog to be mostly about the places, not about me, although it will contain my experiences and how I saw things through my eyes.

To me, travel means to get a little off the “beaten path” and create my own path and adventures. Since travel is a metaphor for life, hopefully you will also be motivated to create your own path and adventures in life! 🙂

Left Airplane Wing Flying Above Blue-Green Sea With Blue Sky and White Fluffy Clouds

Airplane Above Cancun, Mexico

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